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CAG Security Officers and Patrol Car

The CAG Security Officers are trained uniformed officers provided under contract by the respected international firm Securitas Security Services Inc. They patrol in cars with flashing yellow lights during evening and nighttime hours, five days a week looking for problems and reporting suspicious activity to the police via cell phone. CAG Security Officers wear their official Securitas uniforms and provide a visual deterrent to crime as well as providing alert “eyes and ears” for our community. They carry flashlights and cellphones, but are not armed. The officers are familiar with the comings and goings around Georgetown and have been successful in reducing robberies, burglaries, and muggings. The CAG Neighborhood Security Officers carry GPS enabled phones so Securitas and CAG can monitor their “beats” electronically.

CAG Security Officers Provide Personalized Service

Residents who donate to the Public Safety Program can request personalized services from the officers: they will escort residents (and/or their guests) between home and car or to neighborhood engagements and they will also check house doors, parked cars and remove newspapers from your doorstep when you are away. Every donor receives detailed program information including a CAG Public Safety Program window sticker, and the Officers' cellphone numbers and duty hours, so you can contact them directly. Our CAG Security Officers will visit in person at your home, if requested. They welcome the opportunity to meet individual residents in order to do their jobs better.

Public Safety Block Captains

Over 75 Georgetown residents have volunteered to be “crime communication central” for their close-by-neighbors by becoming CAG Public Safety Block Captains. These committed individuals have contacted their neighbors by flyer and email to organize email networks, or in some cases, meetings, to discuss specifics about crime and security on their particular block. Consequently, interested neighbors now receive very up-to-date notices about crime on or near their blocks. The block captains also give CAG and the MPD invaluable feedback about what is of concern to their neighbors. This has really opened up the channels of communication.

If you don’t see a block captain listed for your block – we need you! Please volunteer by calling the CAG office (337-7313) or emailing Louise Jacob, staff public safety coordinator, at

Working with the Metropolitan Police Department

CAG’s Public Safety Committee has been working with the leadership of our MPD Second District to achieve more community-oriented and strategic policing in Georgetown. Our proactive discussions with MPD leaders have been very productive. Several members of CAG’s Public Safety committee have expert knowledge regarding best policing practices and will continue to work with MPD officers to move ideas to actual implementation on our streets. We are also working with elected officials and the MPD to seek additional police resources for Georgetown.

CAG also regularly hosts meetings between the officers and leaders of MPD and community residents. The meetings take place every few months at a variety of locations: local parks, the Safeway, and at the homes of block captains. MPD officers are also part of the email group through which block captains communicate with each other and consequently the police know immediately when there are issues of concern and can respond quickly.

CAG Surveillance Camera Program

CAG is currently implementing a camera surveillance pilot program on certain designated blocks which criminals are likely to use to enter and exit Georgetown to provide additional deterrence. The cameras can be used by the police to search for information on cars and people passing through Georgetown after a crime has been committed. Camera images can also be requested by a resident who has filed a police report concerning a block covered by the camera program. No active monitoring of the video takes place and the stored video is automatically erased every 30 days. In addition blocks subject to video surveillance have signs notifying residents and visitors that the area is subject to video surveillance. We hope to expand this program to cover all streets that can be used to enter or leave Georgetown.

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