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Holiday Safety Tips

With the holidays fast approaching,  we would like to offer some tips to make this holiday season as safe and as joyous as possible!

Unfortunately this is also the peak season for criminals as well when it comes to Robberies, Burglaries and Thefts. The vast majority of these crimes are crimes of opportunities. Let us give you some tips to hopefully take those opportunities away from those out to do us harm.

-Please do not walk around in public with your cell phone out and/or with headphones in your ears. We all like to relax and listen to music and talk to our friends and loved ones especially after a hard day at work but this makes you a prime target for someone looking to take advantage of you and to take what you have worked hard to purchase and want to enjoy for yourself.

-Please lock up your bicycle even if you're just running in somewhere briefly. It only takes a matter of seconds to walk away with an unsecured bicycle. Unfortunately this happens every single day.

- Please do not leave your valuables in plain view when exiting your vehicle and please make sure you lock all your car doors and use some sort of anti-theft device for your vehicle. There are criminals that walk up and down the street looking into vehicles and checking door handles to see which vehicles are locked and which ones are unlocked. This occurs on a daily basis. Also criminals will just smash your window if they see something that is of some value inside your vehicle.

It may be old school but one of the most effective anti-theft devices for a vehicle still remains The Club. A remote anti-theft device serves as an effective deterrent as well but when it is in combination with The Club, your vehicle has a robust anti-theft system that is very difficult to defeat.

- Please lock up your valuables no matter where you are. At your home, gym, work, hotel etc. You never know who is watching. Always keep access to your valuables to a minimum number of persons if not only yourself. 

- Please beware of those you let into your homes. Make sure you know the contractors or visitors that you let into your home. There are dozens of burglary teams that have a legitimate front to get into your home and will return at a later date to burglarize it. We would recommend only using contractors that come recommended from people you know or trust. 

- Please be careful what you place on your curb for trash pickup. If you have just purchased a new flat screen TV or other expensive item, you may want to dispose of the box at a nearby recycling location. 

- Please keep your porch lights on at night. We all hate high electric bills and we respect the need to conserve energy but you and your family's safety should always be at the forefront. Keeping your house well lit serves as a deterrent to criminals who lurk around at night.

All of us at Second District wish you all a safe and Happy Holiday season!!! 

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