Public Safety

Public Safety Tips

Leave your front & rear exterior lights on during all hours of darkness. Photo electric cells/light sensors, available at electric and lighting supple stores, are inexpensive and as easy to install as changing a light bulb. Your lights will automatically go on when it gets dark and go off when it becomes light.

Leave lights on inside your home by using either timers or light sensors.

Be sure to have your house number clearly visible. This is required by law. Police and fireman are often hampered by not being able to find an address easily. It is also important to have any back or alley entrances marked clearly with your house number.

Keep all doors, garage doors & windows locked (even on upper floors and skylights).

Do not leave ladders lying around or against your house at any time they are not in use.

Do not open your door to strangers.

Stop newspaper delivery before you go away. Take in your neighbor’s papers, phone books, etc. if they arrive to an empty house.

Tell neighbors when you will be away so they can be mindful of your property.

Don’t leave personal property in cars.

Have your keys ready before you get to your home or car and don’t keep car and house keys on the same key chain.

Keep shrubbery cut low so that criminals cannot hide behind it.

Call the police to report anything suspicious Non-emergencies: 311 Emergencies: 911

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