Public Safety

Public Safety Tips

On the Town?

  • Don’t leave personal, sensitive, or valuable items in your car
  • If valuables are in your car, hide them from plain view and lock up
  • Lock your bicycles or car, even if you are only running a quick errand
  • The car “club” is one of the most effective auto theft prevention methods
  • When buying expensive items, it is always safer to dispose of the box in a discrete manner
  • Be aware of your surroundings while walking

On Vacation?

  • Tell your neighbors and ask them to gather your mail and deliveries
  • If you donate to our Public Safety program, you can tell CAG’s neighborhood security guard to keep an eye on your house while you’re away
  • Call the post office or delivery service and ask for them to hold any packages until you return
  • Put up a security system sign and/or use security cameras

See Something?

  • Make sure the suspicious behavior is dangerous or illegal, do not call MPD on a hunch
  • When reporting be specific and clearly explain the actions and situation
  • If an incident is in progress dial 911 immediately
  • Text (50411) if there is an incident, texting is anonymous and you can send pictures.

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