Historic Preservation

Reporting Illegal Work

Anyone may report illegal construction pertaining to historic sites. You may report illegal work anonymously but if the work is completed, your testimony regarding the observations may be the only way to bring a case to enforcement.

Identifying Illegal Construction

It is a requirement that there be a posted permit on property under construction, visible from public space, which lists the permitted work (i.e. "Interior Work Only" or "Wood Window replacements to match original"). If you do not see a permit or if the work appears to violate the terms of a posted permit, you may request an inspection as described below. If you are unsure what the permit allows, please call the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA), Records Management Division, at (202) 442-4480.

Request an Inspection

To report a violation, send an email to historic.preservation@dc.gov or call the Historic Preservation Office at (202) 442-8800.

Please provide the following information:

•The address of the violation
•Whether the work is in progress or has been completed
•A brief description of the work being done or completed
•If possible, the contractor's name, any license plate numbers of the vehicles on site performing the work, and make/model of the vehicles
•To identify the historic preservation inspector assigned to a specific district select the related publication – Historic District Inspection Assignments.

Historic Preservation Inspector

Our historic preservation inspector is Ms. Toni Cherry 202-442-8844

Visit the DC Planning Historic + Preservation website for more information.



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