Trees for Georgetown

Trees For Georgetown 25th Anniversary Celebration a Success!

Since 1989 Trees for Georgetown has planted over 2,500 trees- just imagine what our shaded blocks would look like without those trees. Truly a local, clearly defined inititiative, Trees for Georgetown is organized by the neighbors, for the neighborhood and benefits something we can all agree on - keeping our trees plentiful and healthy!

The 2014 spring celebration was at the home of Susan and Mike Pillsbury on May 15th.

  • Anniversary Patron - $2,500 - Includes a private reception, 4 tickets, 2 trees planted and tagged with the name of your honorees
  • Business Patron - $1,500 - Includes 4 tickets, a tree planted and tagged with the name of your honoree
  • Patron - $1,000 - Includes 4 tickets, a tree planted and tagged with the name of your honoree
  • Sponsor - $500 - Includes 2 tickets

Each sponsored tree will be tagged with a QR code that allows you to explain online your relationship with the honoree, its species, the date it was planted and a street view on Google maps.


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The Benefits of Urban Trees

Trees for Georgetown's purpose is to plant and maintain the trees that line the residential streets of our community. Working as a committee of CAG since 1989, Trees for Georgetown has planted nearly 2,000 trees, contracted watering services during drought periods and provided preventative maintenance of at-risk trees.

For several years, Trees for Georgetown has been partnering with the DC Urban Forestry Administration, and Casey Trees in an innovative program to plant residential street trees. Species planted include honey locust, burr oak, chestnut oak, overcup oak, scarlet oak, northern red oak, swamp white oak, sweetgum, zelkova, hornbeam, and London plane.

Each tree costs approximately $800 to purchase and plant. Trees for Georgetown is a volunteer group funded entirely by gifts and grants. Please support the continuing effort to keep our neighborhood vibrant and green. Donations may be sent to Trees for Georgetown, c/o the Citizens Association of Georgetown. For further information, you can email Betsy Emes at or call the CAG office at 337-7313.

Street trees endure terrific stress and need your care. Please take pride in them and adopt a tree, new or established, near you. If you can do nothing else to help care for these trees, please water them. Trees for Georgetown has prepared a guide for tree care specially suited for Georgetown. Read "How You Can Help" Below to learn more.

In partnership with Casey Trees and the Urban Forestry Administration, Trees for Georgetown has inoculated elm trees on Q Street between 28th and 32nd Streets against Dutch Elm disease. This must be done periodically to stave off potential disease in these mature trees. Trees for Georgetown also injected these trees for mites.

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